What is Blended Worship?

Each week, we merge together the sounds of the church from old and new on Sundays at 10am. 

Our band, McCrady Rd. features drums, guitars, bass, keys and contemporary vocals while leading songs rich in theology and expressions of praise and new arrangements of hymns. This group is devoted to bringing Heaven to Earth each week and using their gifts to bring Glory to Christ in all that they do.

Our Sanctuary Choir leads us in hymns and anthems each week along with our organist, Bill Larson, who also leads our bell choirs. These groups lead us in songs that honor our tradition and are rich in theology. 

No matter how we worship the one true God, we do so with our whole hearts and know that He is well pleased with our different expressions of praise and adoration.

Regardless of musical style, some songs anchor us, while others help to open our eyes to new colors. We have much to learn from one another and we do so with open hearts and minds in worship.