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A Message from Pastor Cynthia

In 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, the Apostle Paul is reminding the church of their history. The churches in Macedonia (Phillipi, Thessalonica) had generously funded the church in Corinth. It’s not that they were wealthy and giving out of their surplus. They were impoverished but still gave generously in the name of Jesus Christ. Paul is now asking the church in Corinth to “pay it forward” to the church in Jerusalem that was in great need at the time.


Yes, the passage is about giving but it is more about perspective. Do we remember who has helped us in the past? Do we remember how God has blessed us and how much we have compared to others?


As I listen to the news reports of how COVD-19 is ravaging the resources of some countries, I have to give thanks to God for what we have been given in the United States. We have places to go if we need food – organizations where right now thousands of volunteers are mobilizing to get food to those in need. We have medical clinics and doctors and hospitals – all within easy driving distances.


This is a difficult time for many in our community and country. Here at Beulah Church we are still committed to the work of Christ, albeit now done in different ways. We are offering words of hope and encouragement through Church Online. We are providing food and addressing other needs from our own congregation and community.


We need your help to continue to serve others. Would you prayerfully consider making a donation to the ministry of Beulah Church?